Welcome to "Festival Fantasia" in the lovely Harz region in Germany!

The premiere (Part I) in 2015 was incredibly successful and the number of fans of Festival Fantasia is continuously rising, what makes us thankful at all and is a great result on our longstanding work bringing this magic tale alive. 

With this festival, we have developed a new and innovative event concept that clearly differs from the most popular ones hence its combining a frame story besides many other show programmes and a centered fantasy market as the so called "village of the kingdom". For the visitors, this special combination forwards a completely other festival feeling in a unique way and so conveys the impression of being in the mids of a fantasy story full of magical creatures. 

Another important key intention why we have developed Festival Fantasia was to offer everyone (unregarded of gender, age, nationality, religion etc.) the possibility to slip into a desired fantasy role, to contribute by visiting us in a fantasy costume and to strengthen its own self-awareness by being part of a big fantasy family and to feel integrated in whatever role one like to play.

Why we have brought the tales of "Festival Fantasia" alive 

In 2012, we had the idea to create and organize an event that is some kind of a magic fable to come alive. Since that time, we have been writing on an own storybook telling the tale of magic kingdom Schierke, where a large number of long-term experienced internationally known artists, musicians and others bump into individual roles to embody the main characters of the stories. 

In every part of the event and therefore also with Part II in the year 2017, new creatures and figures will always be included and try to battle for the crown and authority of magic kingdom Schierke whilst the centered, huge fantasy market means the village of the kingdom and may interact, too. 

Another important key intention with Festival Fantasia was to offer everyone (unregarded of gender, age, nationality, religion etc.) the possibility to slip into a desired fantasy role and / or costume, to be part of a big fantasy family, to herewith strengthen one´s own self-awareness and to feel confident and especially integrated in whatever fantasy role you like to play. 

The frame story of "Festival Fantasia" and Kingdom Schierke

The main element of the festival and base of all is a frame story telling us about the tale of kingdom Schierke and the battle for the golden dragon egg that stands for the crown and authority of this kingdom. 

The mighty and fearless dragon (played by "Fangdorn") 

In part I (year 2015 and year of the dragon), we have seen the two queens:

The white queen and in 2015 incumbent queen, Sway Efey, was combatting the dark queen "Galathea with the Bells", accompanied by her bewitched husband and former lord of the kingdom, the mighty dragon "Fangdorn". 

What has happened in 2015 "Year of the Dragon Fangdorn"?

Whilst the queens were fighting against each other together with their teams, suddenly, the golden dragon egg was stolen by the servants (orcs and dark elves) of the spider queen. None of the queens was expecting that situation. 

Due to this unexpected happening, the dragon and the queens again were fallen into their thousand-year-long sleep. That was quite dramatical as it was their only chance to battle for the crown again hence they had once already been fallen asleep for more than thousands years before. And this is why they were trying to get back their chance again. But without success, as the dark servants came to battle, too, and have simply stolen the golden dragon egg.

What happens in 2017 "Princess Äera & the Guardians of the Light"?

With the dark elves stolen the powerful dragon egg, the story continues in another and unexpected way that is now also going to again awake the spider queen that has captured the golden egg in her magic spider web.

Will "Princess Äera", cousin of the white queen, be able to get back the golden dragon egg?

Who are our target groups?

Our audience i.e. visitors are aged 0 to 100 years hence the concept is designed to meet the interests of family and kids as well as all fantasy fans to immerse into a lovely, magic and simply outstanding weekend and a pure world of fantasy (without being influenced by medieval themes). 

Besides the frame story (starting in 2015 with the two queens and the dragon; information below), Festival Fantasia features many other programmes and highlights for everyone who is into fantasy and magic.

Discover the world of Festival Fantasia 2017 (Part II) !

Enter a world full of magic, dreams and fantasy. 

The festival ground offers several playing areas, stages and theme sections for all followers and friends of LARP, High Fantasy, Steampunk, Cosplay, Anime, Manga and much more. 

Besides the main theme and frame story "The tales of Festival Fantasia" and many spectacular stage perfomances with stunts, fire and magic shows, visitors are cordially welcomed to share beautiful and exciting hours at our huge fantasy market with theme clothes, accessories and interieurs.

Furthermore, we offer the following specials: 

A magic unicorn, Concerts (Fairy concerts and Steampunk concerts), a huge theme park for kids with elves, lots of fairies and kids programmes,  "The 1st Fantasy Catwalk Schierke" for all of those who want to present their special fantasy dresses and outfits, an amazing, natural "Cosplay Photoshoot Location", an untouched and closed area for LARP players and much more! 

Surrounded by huge trees with a centered, fairytale course of a stream, beautiful flowers, an amazing scenery highlighted with hundreds of fairy lights in the evening hours, uncountable magic creatures (LARP and Cosplay) and epic fantasy sounds, this festival sensationally touches the emotions of all visitors by taking them into a fantasy world beyond their expectations. 

Need more information?

If you are a trader (fantasy clothes or others) who is interested in taking part in Festival Fantasia - Part II (2017) or if you are a visitor and you need to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by writing an email to: 


Our English speaking staff will be happily answering your queries and stands at your disposal at any time. 

If you are a visitor and want to buy a ticket, please click here. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you from 29 to 30 July 2017 in Schierke!

Be fantastic! Be magic! Be unique!

Your Team from Festival Fantasia 

Contortion-Artist, Schauspielerin und Model "Ekaterina Demina" in der Rolle unserer magischen "Spinnenkönigin" (Bild: Ekaterina Demina / Fotograf: Lénaïc Sanz)
Die märchenhaften Pferde des Teams von Filmpferde.com
Tänzerin, Choreografin und freie Künstlerin: Elisa Allgaier in der Rolle unserer "Prinzessin Äera - Wächterin des Lichts" (Bild: Elisa Allgaier / Foto: Dietmar Piontek)
Die königliche Nachtigall: Sängerin und Songwriterin "Ida Elena De Razza" aus Rom (Duo "Fairy Dream") Foto: Alessandro Antonini
"The Fairy King" vom Duo "Fairy Dream" (Albert Dannenmann)
Die magische Lichtfee und Tänzerin "Anja Stellaris" (Foto: Mike Lange)
Die Zauberfeen "Flora & Fauna" Bild: Feuerfünkchen Märchenshow Foto: Thomas Hessel
Die bezaubernden Pixies und weißen Elfen von "Hammerflausch" Bild/Foto: Hammerflausch Fotograf: Merlin Noack
Elfen- und Feenforscher, Sänger, Sprecher, Mythenjäger "Prof. Doc Mac Dooley" / Foto: Eric Seehof
Steampunk vom Feinsten mit der Musikband "Drachenflug"
Exklusive Modenschauen mit dem "Vestimentum Gewanddesign" (Bild: Vestimentum / Foto: VANESSA MARIE)
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