Welcome to our World of Fantasy


“Don't forget : No one else sees the world the way you do. So no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell !” 


(Poem by Charles de Lint, The Blue Girl)

... the Land of Unicorns, Fairies, Magic & Dreams!


We cordially greet all fantasy friends to join and discover our lovely and beautiful world of fantasy with FESTIVAL FANTASIA, a German interactive and colorful fantasy festival with lots of fantastic, cute and magic creatures!


Brillant stage for all Fantasy friends, Cosplayers and Live-Roleplayers (LARP) and people from all over the world who love to discover the great world of fantasy! 


We are an interactive and innovative fantasy festival just concentrating on common fantasy themes and topics. The "heart" of the festival is an own story (developed since 2012) that includes many international artists (from Italy and other countries) as well as hundreds of role players who want to own the "golden dragon egg" in our self-described fantasy kingdom. FESTIVAL FANTASIA is more than just a festival and the only one of its kind throughout Germany and Europe. In 2015 and 2017, we have welcomed thousands of visitors from all around Europe and have celebrated a great success.


It is all about our fantasy story (written by us since 2012) and to include fantastic artists to bring the story alive. We also invite everyone "to play with us" in our story and to be part of us. While our international artists play our story on stage, our fantasy market means "the village of our fantasy queens". The visitor is cordially invited to enjoy the market (in the middle of the festival ground) and to get wonderful and brillant fantasy items. Also our visitors may interact with us, with the actors, market participants and role players and may find himself in the mids of a real fantasy tale, surrounded by unicorns, winged horses and other fantastic creatures.

Back to the roots ...

A short information about how everything begun:


In 2012 we had the idea to create a fantasy festival that is more like just placing stages and music as well a market to sell fantasy items and usual know stuff. When we first had a walk through a fairytale and fairy garden in the Harz region of Germany, we suddenly have seen faires, elves and other fantastic creatures in our mind. So then we have begun to write our story and have given the name: FESTIVAL FANTASIA and the reconquest of the golden dragon egg and the kingdom.


The first time when this lovely festival with the beautiful story (where it is about a dragon that once has been a mighty king) first was executed by an organizer was in 2015. We where absolutely overwhelmed when we have seen the first, great success. So it was clear to us to write the story ahead and to include further fantastic creatures and roles into the story.


That is why in 2017 and so with the 2nd execution of the festival, we included a brillant unicorn, a Pegasus, a spider queen and her guardians - the dark elves - and, as a special role, Princess Aera, into our story what was a unique idea and has amazingly surprised our guests.


Visit us in Magdeburg (Germany) in the year 2019 ->

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